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Athletic Greens: I’m terrible at eating greens so this is takes care of all that in one shot. This is excellent!

Vitamin D: This is powerful. I only take 2 drops at a time. Also it’s the only Vitamin D supplement that doesn’t upset my stomach.

Creatine: There a ton of benefits from creatine. For me it helps immensely with reducing soreness.

Protein Powder: I can’t take whey protein cause it upsets my stomach. This on the other hand is better, IMO, and does nothing to my stomach. I only take when I’m lifting consistently for GAINS!

Magnesium Supplement: Almost all of us don’t get the minerals we need. One of those is magnesium and it helps so much! Also I don’t take this everyday. I take it every other day or so. You need to find what works best for you.

Collagen: I don’t take this stuff but Amy swears by it. And she’s a World Champion so listen to her.

Fish Oil: Fish oil pills are huge so I just do the liquid form. It’s not bad at all. It has orange flavoring. This helps with your joints!

Kimchi: I don’t take probiotics. To have good gut flora I eat kimchi. It’s not for everyone but the benefits far outweigh the taste (although I love it).

Elbow Sleeve: Many of you know I have bad elbows. This help a ton to relieve some pain when my tendonitis gets bad.

Knee Sleeve: I haven’t worn this in a while cause I got stem cells for my knee. Yet before that this was a staple. If you have knee pain you should always be wearing a sleeve when training.

Finger Tape: I rarely wear tape but you all know I keep a roll on the shelf. If you’re fingers are sore I recommend it. Many great grapplers tape up.

Sisu Mouth Guard: My absolute favorite mouth guard. If you have a child training get them one. They’ll benefit greatly from it.

Massage Gun: These are great to take knots out.

Soap: I rarely get skin infections but I have used this stuff before when I was more susceptible to it. If you’re someone that struggles with infections then I recommend it.

Shampoo: This is why I don’t get infections. The ingredients in this shampoo kills everything.

Foam Roller: There’s a reason we have one of these on the mat. It’s great for warming up and massage sore joints.

Pso-Rite: I cannot say enough good things about this. It’s been a life saver for me when I’ve REALLY jacked up my back. They’re expensive but worth every penny.

I love this book. It’s actually a Judo book but Neil Adams peels back the mystery of great grip fighting. The contents are fully applicable to Jiujitsu. I got to train with Neil and he is a Master. Get this book!

Although not very useful for actual Jiu-Jitsu technique, this book questions the dogma of martial artist. Jiu-Jitsu is always evolving and Bruce Lee advocated for that mentality in martial arts. Also his approach to fighting should be studied. 

This book is a must for everyone who trains Jiu-Jitsu. If you have a technique question this where you can find a legitimate answer, unlike Youtube. It goes from beginner to expert. 

Gi: Expensive gi’s are great but sometimes you just need something to wear that doesn’t have holes…cough, Bryce and Jason, cough… By all means you’re always welcome to buy one of our nice patched up gi’s but these definitely work also.